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My Most Used Items this Summer

Everyone has that one piece of clothing or item that they just can not put down during the summer months.  No matter how many times they wear it or use it, it never gets old!  I don’t know what it is, but with these items, I just could not stop reaching for them ever since the warmer weather hit us full blast.  To find out my most worn items this summer that I’ve been loving, keep reading!


My Chambray Shirt

This shirt is super versatile and a staple in my closet for ALL seasons! Its extremely comfy and is the just the right fit for me!  I usually pair it with jeans, shorts and occasionally a skirt.  Honestly, if you are looking for a top that will give you a lot of wear, you need this one!  I found mine at TJ Maxx, but you can find them at other stores such as Marshall’s, Target, The Gap, and H&M.

The Fenty Beauty Match Stixs

If you haven’t tried the Fenty Beauty line by now, you are truly missing out! Since its debut last year, Fenty Beauty has taken the makeup industry by storm!  Now, beauty lovers of all skin shades and types can

My favorite Necklace


The Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy Now Wild Palm” Shimmer Bronze Oil

I found this gem after walking into a Victoria’s Secret with no intention of buying anything since I don’t shop there often.  Ever since I made the purchase, I havent been able to put it down!  From its smell to the way it adds a subtle yet beautiful glow to my skin had me hooked this summer!

So there you have it! My most used items this summer! As we head into fall, Im excited to discover which items will be on my list of favorites!



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