What I’m most Thankful for this year and Holiday Season!

Im so excited that the end of the year is near and the Holidays are here and in full swing! I believe it’s always best to take the time to take a moment and reflect on what you are most thankful for this Holiday season.  Whether it’s being with your family during tough times, getting that raise you were working hard for, or even meeting a longtime goal, having a sense of gratitude not only brings good energy, but sends it out into the universe as well!

2018 was an exciting year for me and I although I had highs and lows, I learned a ton of lessons! I have so much to be thankful for!

A couple of major events took place, such as me starting my grad program in Interior Design and Architecture and with the help of others, getting my brand LUXHUERĒ off the ground. I was given the opportunity to live in a new city, meet new people, and explore a new way of living!

There is so much more to be thankful for not only this holiday season, but for what 2018 has taught me about life and who I am becoming as a woman!


Here are a couple of the blessings that I most definitely have to mention…

Family (always)

Friendship + New Relationships/Networks

New Self Care Opportunities

Seeing my goals and the goals of friends become accomplished

My health! (No major illnesses)

My safety (especially living in a new city)

My brand LUXHUERĒ became official (now an LLC)!

Started my grad program in Interior Design & Architecture

Personal and Business Brand Growth!


As you reflect on this year, what can you say you are thankful for?

And here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving and great rest of 2018 to you and your loved ones!



Rechelle Nicole



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